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Tile and Stone Cleaners is one of the best service providers in the tile cleaning industry in Australia. We offer a wide range of expert services, including tile sealing & stripping, tile sealing, tile regrouting, and tile repair for minor damages. So, if you ever need to consult professionals about cleaning and sealing your old and new floors, we have you covered. 

We offer the following services

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile cleaning and grout cleaning require heavy-duty equipment and industrial cleaning reagents. It is not something you can handle with roadside cleaning solutions. By applying superior cleaning chemicals and high-pressure cleaning equipment that are van-mounted, giving your tiles and grouts the best standard of cleaning is not a problem for us.


Tile Sealing

All Porous tiles should be sealed. Sealing your tiles helps prevent & reduce staining by keeping most stains suspended at the surface. Sealing creates a barrier that provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination. Sealing is the first important step towards protecting your investment against stains.


Tile Stripping

Stripping, scrubbing, and cleaning are all measures for getting rid of old sealant and its residue. The aim is to make an old floor look attractive again. At Tile and Stone Cleaners, we have all the skillset, personnel, and equipment necessary to ensure the highest quality of tile stripping service. 


Tile Stripping and Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners exhibit astute professionalism in handling your tiles. We can render high-quality stripping and sealing services irrespective of where your tiles are placed. So, whether you have tiles in your bathroom, shower, kitchen, swimming pool, backyard, or even outdoors, we can strip and seal them for you in the best way possible. Our tile technicians can also strip and seal tiles in inaccessible areas. 


Cleaning and Sealing

Tile or wall surfaces are bound to become dull or lose their beauty as time develops. As a result, they lose their shiny color. That is why you should take concrete steps to clean and seal your surfaces. Tile and Stone Cleaners are experts at offering all types of cleaning and sealing services. 

Also, if you have just installed new tiles or noticed your old sealer coming off, you can hire us to help you take care of that. Our efficient and effective tile cleaning and sealing services help to prevent future stains and the possible deterioration of your surfaces. 


Tile Regrouting

It is possible to have your tiles in good shape, but your grout may have been badly damaged, amounting to a surface that is unattractive and unappealing. As a result, the whole area may look dull. Tile regrouting can help fix the affected grouts so the entire floor surface does not appear drab. After enduring many years of wear and tear, tile regrouting is how you give back your floor the magnificent life it once has. 


High-Pressure Cleaning (Jet Wash)

Pavements and driveways are tricky to clean if you do not have the necessary equipment and skills. Therefore, one of the effective ways to clean such external areas is high-pressure washing. High-pressure washing helps to effectively remove all forms of contamination from concrete patios, driveways, and pathways. 

Ugly oil stains, slippery moss, and algae are easy to remove with high-pressure washers. They are perfect for concrete, brick, pavers, and exterior tile cleaning. 


Tile Repair

Having chipped tiles, cracked tiles, loose tiles, or discolored tiles in your floor, walls, stairs, or swimming pool can be frustrating. But, no need to give up because we can adequately cater to your tile repair needs. 

Or do you have some extra tiles from the last installation and would prefer to use those tiles today? Then Tile and Stone Cleaners boast a crop of tile repair professionals that can manage all your indoor and outdoor tile repair needs. We are so good at replacing broken and damaged tiles that you cannot tell the difference between those that were not broken and those damaged after we are done. 


Stone Polishing

To achieve a reflective finish, stone polishing can only be obtained by rotating disc polishing machines with a fine-grade abrasive diamond at different speeds. The final grades eliminate the tiniest scratches that are unseen to the naked eye, with the stone’s natural surface reflecting light more efficiently.

Highly polished surfaces make a better option because dirt, soil and grime cannot penetrate the surface due to smaller pores. that makes maintenance much simpler.


Stone Honing

Honing your floors can give them a smooth and velvety feel that is more suitable for casual environments. This process can also virtually eliminate the need for frequent maintenance while still maintaining the beauty of the stone surfaces in your home or business. Honed surfaces have a more satin-like feel and are often preferred over polished surfaces in less formal settings.


Stone Grinding 

By grinding the surface of your floor, you can smooth out any imperfections and create a new layer that can be honed or polished to a high quality finish. This process will also remove deep scratches, stains, and other contaminants, resulting in a smooth and even surface. Grinding can also eliminate any unevenness or lippage in your tiles, which can occur after installation. In this way, grinding is an effective way to prepare the surface of your floor for a polished or honed finish.


Efflorescence, Mold and Rust Treatment

Efflorescence is a common problem that occurs when salt deposits form on the surface of tile and grout. At Tile and Stone  Cleaners®, our technicians have the necessary tools and equipment to effectively remove efflorescence from both internal and external surfaces. We also have a range of chemical solutions and agitation tools that allow us to safely and effectively remove these deposits. If you are experiencing efflorescence on your tiles, our team has the expertise and resources to effectively address the problem.


Sealing Natural Stone

Maintaining sealed natural stones is easier and also prevents stains. To get started on this, apply a deep penetrating impregnating sealer on your natural stone. Tile and Stone Cleaners have the requisite qualifications and experience to undertake such responsibilities. In addition, using impregnating sealers will enable the surface to repel oil and water-based stains since natural stones are naturally designed to absorb such items. 

It is not best to install polished concrete surfaces without applying any sealer. Such an approach will likely shorten the lifespan of that surface. Interestingly, using impregnating sealers on your natural stone surface does help to prolong its lifespan and preserve its beautiful outlook. 


Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing is no less important than tile surface sealing. Sealing makes it almost impossible for stains to penetrate the concrete surface. It creates a layer that protects the surface against contamination, deterioration, and chemical attacks. The possibility of stains staying on the concrete surface is greatly reduced with sealing. 

It is not enough to just install a polished concrete floor. The surface will not last as long as expected without applying a sealer to such concrete surfaces. 


Tile Cleaning, Sealing, and Restoration

Our cleaning methods are so efficient that we can work on any floor, no matter how difficult that floor is. We have equipment that enables us to take on commercial and domestic cleaning jobs. We can clean your floor and make it spotless again. 

We employ the best technology and skills to make your floor look nice. With our special wash, scrub, and dry technology, your floor can regain its beauty again. 

All our cleaning products are eco-friendly and safe for pets and kids. All our team members have gone through rigorous cleaning training, so they can know the best cleaning method to use for a particular scenario. As a result, we are poised to ensure every floor we clean is spotless. 


Why Clean Grout?

The way your tiles look generally depends on the state of the grout. Bad-looking grouts will make your floor look bad too. Grouts have pores, which make them prone to dirt, grease, and limescale. Wine spills and grease stains can leave marks on the grout that are hard to remove. Grouts in damp areas such as bathrooms can quickly become unattractive and dirty due to limescale, mildew, and mold. 

Mold is a common problem for wet surfaces. They are mostly noticed in extremely wet regions, and if not addressed, they can affect other parts of that same room. For example, the constant use of acid-formulated shampoos and soaps in shower and bath areas can change grout colors. That can result in patches and marks in the tile joints on the floor surface. Also, this is why there is a pink and yellowish orange color on the grouts with time. 

That is why you can never underestimate the importance of using sealers to protect all surfaces, including grout surfaces. The sealer helps to create a protective barrier between the surface and the grout. Using sealers on your grouts serve as a fantastic way to protect your investment. 

Generally, you are expected to apply sealers on porous floors at least once in 2 or 3 years. This helps to protect the tile’s beauty and also makes it resistant to water. Mexican Terracotta is one of the porous floor types. Unfortunately, they are tough to clean. 

The Tile Problem

Smooth surfaces can become scratched when they are stepped on or touched continuously. The marks emanating from those scratches can become hiding spots for bacteria, oil, and dirt. If left unchecked, the situation gets worse over time. It might get so bad that you may be unable to use a mop and bucket to clean the floor. In addition, waxing the surface will not completely restore the floor’s appearance. 

The newest ceramic tiles have two significant problems. The first is that they are more textured-engineered. As such, a mop cannot clean such surfaces entirely. The second is that the grout attracts more dirt and trappings left by mopping. 

Again, that is why sealing is a must for almost any kind of floor or wall.

The Grout Problem

Cement and lime-based grouts can quickly absorb oil, sugar, and moisture, which can lead to bacteria, solids, and dirt collecting on the grout and altering the floor’s appearance. That is a serious problem because it makes the grout look dark. Unfortunately, this is common with most surfaces as their appearance is also darkened with time due to the settling of foreign elements. 

Some people use chemicals alone to dilute the grime on the grout. However, this has proven ineffective because it does not remove the slurry solution formed. And unfortunately, such solutions sink deeper into the grout. 

Rotary scrubbers are not good enough as well. They do not penetrate the grout lines or tile texture enough. Tile and grout are common in restaurants, food halls, leisure areas, and restrooms. Dirty grouts and tiles are unattractive and not hygienic. 

Bacteria build up along the grout lines with food matter, oils, moisture, and sugar. Therefore, using water and a mop to clean the floor worsens the condition because it increases the dirt and moisture. 

The usual thing is to employ a hard brush and detergents to remove such dirt on grout surfaces. However, this can be considered too expensive and disruptive. 

Tile and Stone Cleaners know how to make your grout lines last the test of time. We run an innovative tile and grout cleaning company. We don’t restrict ourselves to the statuesque. Instead, we employ every means necessary to ensure your grout lines are waterproof, stain resistant, and hygienic now and for many years.

High Speed Polishing

Our operators are also equipped with high speed floor polishing machines, we give your floors the professional shine that makes your floor surfaces look like new.

Our Tile Grouting, Cleaning and Restoration Services

At Tile and Stone Cleaners, we provide professional tile and grout cleaning, stripping of old sealer, regrouting, tile replacement, mould and efflorescence, removal of hard surface dirt and restoration. To ensure that the entire surface receives a thorough cleaning, we use effective equipment and stronger solutions to penetrate your tiles’ surfaces, as well as advanced high-pressure equipment to remove stubborn dirt and grime from the grout in between the tiles and the tiles themselves.

Tile Regrouting

We restore the brightness of your floors with a meticulous tile and grout cleaning procedure, removing dirt from the grout lines and rebuilding a clean and fresh floor. You can also have your grout lines reconstructed and recoloured to revivify your place.

Mould Cleaning and Restoration

At Tile and Stone Cleaners, we handle moulds effectively and safely using antimicrobial agents to check the mould source. Our amazing team of experts also treats airborne mould spores so that the air quality inside your house is clean and healthy.

Floor Refurbishing

Tile and Stone Cleaners can renovate, refresh and restore your flooring. We give toners and treatments with less odours, less mess and are organic to enhance your floor’s colour and depth.

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What Makes Us Different From Our Competitors?

Tile and Stone Cleaners focuses on comprehensive training to ensure that our team uses far less pressure and water during the entire course of cleaning tile grout. When it comes to gentle and effective cleaning, we ensure our products are safely blended into the floor. We also use much safer yet efficacious products compared to other companies that use harmful and corrosive chemicals.

At Tile and Stone Cleaners, our clients always come first. We pay close attention to your special requests and follow your schedules strictly. We have highly responsive customer service available through email and phone, and we tailor our services to your needs. These are the reasons why we are the best in everything we do.

Dissatisfied with paying expensive cleaning rates only to get a mishmash of service? Worry no more, with Tile and Stone Cleaners, you’ll get more than what you’ll pay for. With remarkable cleaning quality and customer service, you couldn’t ask for more.

If you are looking for professional tile and grout cleaning and restoration services, we offer our services in the following areas:

Our Team

Behind Tile and Stone Cleaners’ excellent services are our highly qualified technicians who are thoroughly trained in tile and grout cleaning. Our team also provides expert advice to help you save money when restoring and protecting the life of your floors.

We also have friendly, knowledgeable and attentive staff members who are passionate to respond to your queries and make sure you get the service you deserve.

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