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Terrazzo Tile Cleaning

Terrazzo is a versatile and stylish composite material that can be shaped and polished to a high shine, providing a wide range of design options.

What is Terrazzo Tile?

Terrazzo is a composite flooring material that originated in Venice several hundred years ago, made from marble fragments bound together. It can also contain other aggregates such as quartz, granite, glass, etc. Terrazzo floors are poured or pressed into tiles and when polished, they enhance their colors and unique characteristics. They are durable, easy to maintain and can be refinished multiple times. However, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent scratches, etches and to retain its shine and luster. The presence of marble in terrazzo can make it vulnerable to etching caused by acidic substances, hence it should be protected by a deep penetrating invisible sealer. Tile and Stone Cleaner Masters can help maintain the beauty of your terrazzo floors for a long time.

Terrazzo is known for its durability and strength in the floor tile industry. It can be poured or cut into tiles and is commonly used in commercial settings. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. Tile and Stone Cleaners technicians use only the best quality cleaners, sealers, and polishes to maintain the surface of terrazzo.

Sealing Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo may be durable, but it is also porous and susceptible to etching from acidic substances. It absorbs liquids and oils, which can lead to difficult to remove stains. Exposure to acidic substances such as fruit juice, sauces, soft drinks and cleaning products can result in permanent staining on terrazzo surfaces.

Sealing terrazzo has been a topic of debate in the stone and tile industry for many years, as it is made up of both marble and a cement or binder mixture. Marble chips are sprinkled on the surface, making up a large portion of the surface, which has low porosity. However, the binder is highly porous and easily absorbs stains.

To combat this, it is recommended to use a high-quality impregnating sealer that penetrates both the terrazzo and binder, creating an invisible protective barrier against staining and making maintenance easier. Terrazzo that is unsealed or weakly sealed will absorb oils, spills, and stains.

Allow the sealer to penetrate and dry for the recommended amount of time. Drying time will vary depending on atmospheric conditions, but the surface should be touch-dry within 60-90 minutes of application. Surfaces should not be opened to full traffic until it is completely cured, which typically takes 24 hours for a penetrating sealer and 48 hours for topical sealers. Terrazzo sealer applied to terrazzo-based binding will dry quicker than sealer applied over resin-based binding. To check if your terrazzo is sealed, place a few drops of water on the surface. If the water soaks into the terrazzo after a few minutes, it is time to reseal the stone.

Pre Sealing Preparation

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of any protective treatment applied to terrazzo, it is essential to properly prepare the surface before application. This includes thoroughly cleaning and removing any dirt, wax, chemicals, oils, or loose material from the surface, and ensuring that the surface is completely dry. It is also important to avoid applying the sealer in direct sunlight as it can cause the surface to dry too quickly and prevent the sealer from leveling and curing correctly. At Tile and Stone Cleaners®, we handle all pre-sealing preparation to ensure that the terrazzo tiles are sealed after they have been cleaned and restored to their best possible condition.

Cleaning Terrazzo Tiles

At Tile and Stone Cleaners®, we understand the significance of maintaining the beauty and durability of your terrazzo flooring. Our tile cleaning and restoration services are essential for preserving the integrity of your terrazzo floors. When treated properly, terrazzo can provide a stunning, long-lasting, and low-maintenance flooring option. Our terrazzo tile restoration and cleaning services offer a comprehensive solution for floor maintenance.

Our company provides professional cleaning and restoration services for both commercial and residential properties. Our technicians are experts in their field, and their professionalism and experience ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the condition of your terrazzo tile floor.

Terrazzo Tile Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining terrazzo floors requires extra care. Terrazzo tiles, even those made with non-porous stone chips, are typically porous and require sealing to protect them from stains. Even factory pre-sealed tiles need an additional sealer after installation to ensure protection. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned up immediately. It’s recommended to use only warm water and a mild detergent on terrazzo floors and avoid using vinegar, harsh chemicals, and acidic cleaning products as they can cause damage, etching, and removal of the surface. After mopping, it’s important to dry the floor with a cotton towel or sh-mop to remove moisture and prevent water spots. Remember to always dry the terrazzo floors as they are prone to spotting.


Tile and Stone Cleaners® Terrazzo Services

Terrazzo Stripping and Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® are equipped to handle any Terrazzo tile cleaning and restoration job, no matter the location. Whether it’s in your kitchen, shower, bathroom, around the swimming pool, in your backyard, or any hard-to-reach indoor areas, our team will effectively strip, clean, and reseal your Terrazzo tiles to ensure they are properly protected and maintain their beauty.

Terrazzo Cleaning and Sealing

If your Terrazzo floors are no longer shining and their original color is not visible, or if you have recently installed Terrazzo or the previous sealer is wearing off, Tile and Stone Cleaners® is the ideal solution for cleaning and protecting your tiles. Our cleaning and sealing services will restore the appearance of your Terrazzo and protect it from future stains and damage.

Terrazzo Tile and Grout Cleaning

To achieve optimal results in cleaning tile and grout, a combination of specialized equipment and powerful cleaning solutions is required. Tile and Stone Cleaners® utilizes advanced industrial tools and heavy-duty cleaning products to ensure your tiles and grout are cleaned to the highest standards. Our high-pressure van-mounted equipment and specially developed cleaning solutions effectively remove dirt and stains for a spotless finish.

Terrazzo Tile Sealing

To ensure the protection of your porous tiles against staining, it is essential to seal them. Sealing Terrazzo surfaces creates a barrier that prevents stains from penetrating, protecting against chemical damage, deterioration, and contamination. The application of a sealer is a crucial step in safeguarding your tile surfaces from stains.

Terrazzo Stripping

Our team of experts at Tile and Stone Cleaners® is fully equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to thoroughly remove old sealant and any residue from your Terrazzo tiles, restoring their original beauty. We offer a comprehensive stripping service for hard surface flooring and wall tiles, including Terrazzo, and can reseal them for added protection.

Terrazzo Grinding

Our grinding process will smooth out any imperfections in your Terrazzo and reveal a fresh surface for a polished or honed finish. By removing deep scratches, stains and other impurities, we can achieve a smooth and even surface. Additionally, grinding will eliminate lippage, the unevenness of tiles that can occur after installation.

Terrazzo Honing

A honed finish on Terrazzo surfaces creates a smooth, satin-like texture that is comfortable to the touch and is well-suited for casual settings. This type of finish eliminates the need for heavy maintenance while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal of natural stone surfaces in your home or business.

Terrazzo Polishing

Achieving a polished finish on your Terrazzo surfaces involves using diamond abrasive discs of the highest grade to create a reflective surface. This process removes even the smallest of scratches, making the natural crystals on the surface more effective in reflecting light. A polished finish also has smaller pores which makes it much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Efflorescence Treatment

Efflorescence is the buildup of salt deposits on or near the surface of your tile and grout. Our technicians at Tile and Stone Cleaners® have the necessary equipment and solutions to effectively remove these deposits, both indoors and outdoors. We use specialized tools and chemicals to safely and efficiently eliminate efflorescence from your tile surfaces.

Minor Tile Repair

Are there any damaged tiles in your home or business such as cracks, chips, loose or discolored tiles on your floors, walls, stairs or around your pool? If you have spare tiles left over from installation, Tile and Stone Cleaners® can assist you with repairing and replacing them with our team of professional and experienced tilers.

Grout Colour Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® can transform the appearance of your tile grout by using our specialized grout color sealing service. This service is designed to revitalize stained or discolored grout and make it look like new again. Our technicians are experienced in applying color sealant to grout, and can change the color of your grout to match the tile or to a color of your choice.