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Bluestone Cleaning

Bluestone can be stunning when properly cleaned and sealed, but neglect can result in a dull appearance. Tile and Stone Cleaners® can rejuvenate your indoor or outdoor bluestone surfaces. If your bluestone is not looking its best, our professional team will perform a full restoration clean to bring it back to optimal condition. Cleaning alone may not suffice, as the existing sealer may have worn or need reapplication. Our technicians will assess the sealer status and type, and our experts will evaluate your bluestone and provide recommendations for optimal cleaning results.

What is Bluestone?

“Bluestone” is not a scientific term and encompasses various rock types, meaning that “bluestone” found in the UK can differ from those found in Australia. In Victoria, it usually refers to basalt formed from rapid lava cooling, while in South Australia it is commonly a form of slate. Bluestone can be utilized in a range of indoor and outdoor applications such as cladding, paving, stairs, kitchen and bathroom counters, pool surrounds, garden edging, flooring, and retaining walls due to its high slip resistance. The color of Victorian bluestone is typically black or gray, while the slate variety tends to be beige.

Our Cleaning Process

Bluestone’s porous nature necessitates sealing. For optimal results on tired bluestone, Tile and Stone Cleaners® recommend a complete strip and seal service. Whether you’re preparing to sell or just want a thorough professional cleaning, we’re here to help.

The cleaning method we use on your flooring will depend on the type of sealer and the condition of the tiles. In some instances, we may be able to use high-pressure machines to clean and extract simultaneously. Other floors may only need a gentle hand clean using our eco-friendly microfiber products. A comprehensive test will be conducted to determine the best approach for optimal results without damaging your bluestone.

Common General Bluestone Cleaning Mistakes

  • Applying an acidic cleaner to eradicate stains
  • Excessive use of water and product that saturates the stone leading to further staining
  • Swabbing the surface with contaminated water
  • Failing to eliminate cleaning product remains
  • Leaving excessive moisture, particularly in grout, unaddressed.

Sealing Bluestone Tiles

Tile and Stone Cleaners® strongly advise sealing your newly installed bluestone tiles. Our specialist team excels in resealing and initial sealing of natural stone to form a barrier against stains and extend the life of your tiles. Sealing is a crucial step in safeguarding your investment from staining.

Two main sealing options exist for bluestone tiles

  • Deep Penetrating Impregnating Sealer

(Transparent Finish/Colour Enhancing Finish)

  • Topical Sealer

(Gloss/Satin/Matte Finish)

A premium, deep-penetrating impregnating sealer provides protection for your bluestone and grout from water and oil-based stains by chemically bonding with the surface pores using advanced nano-technology. This creates a protective, breathable barrier that prevents the bluestone and grout from absorbing stains, making cleaning and maintenance easier. Our premium water-based impregnating sealers offer long-lasting benefits, up to 15 years, and are the best solution for some denser varieties of bluestone. These transparent sealers penetrate the pores of the stone and, once cured, do not alter its appearance. We also offer a color-enhancing sealer that enhances and enriches the natural look of your bluestone surface.

Tile and Stone Cleaners® are the experts in applying all kinds of sealers and will guarantee that your bluestone looks stunning. Our technicians who are highly experienced in this field can apply a topical sealer as needed to achieve a high gloss, satin, or matte finish for your surfaces. Topical sealers are useful in cases where the old solvent-based sealer cannot be fully removed or when covering certain types of damage. The lifespan of topical sealers is approximately three years.

You can easily determine the porosity of your natural bluestone by placing a drop of water on its surface and observing how the water is absorbed by the bluestone. This demonstrates how water-based stains can be absorbed by the bluestone tile surface and grout.

Tips for Prolonging the Life of your Bluestone

Bluestone, being a porous natural stone, needs to be sealed in order to prevent premature damage, contamination, and staining from spills. Simply cleaning may not bring back the desired finish for your tiles or pavers. Sealing the bluestone and grout provides you with a window of time to address any spills before they cause permanent damage. An unsealed floor will quickly become stained, while a sealed floor provides a few hours to respond to spills.

Bluestone Cleaning & Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® advise sealing newly installed bluestone tiles and grout as soon as possible for optimal protection and easier maintenance.

Tile and Stone Cleaners® Bluestone Services

Bluestone Tile Stripping and Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® can strip, clean, and seal your bluestone tiles in any location, whether it’s in the kitchen, shower, bathroom, near the pool, in the backyard, outside, or in any difficult-to-access indoor areas.

Bluestone Cleaning and Sealing

If your bluestone surfaces are lacking their original shine and vibrancy, or if you’ve recently installed them or your existing sealer has worn off, Tile and Stone Cleaners® Cleaning and Sealing is the optimal solution for restoring their appearance and protecting them against future staining and damage.

Bluestone Tile and Grout Cleaning

At Tile and Stone Cleaners®, we utilize a combination of specialized equipment and strong cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean your tile and grout. Our high-pressure, van-mounted cleaning system ensures your tiles are cleaned to the highest possible standard.

Bluestone Tile Sealing

Sealing all porous tiles, including bluestone, is crucial in reducing the risk of staining and preserving their quality. By creating a barrier at the surface, sealing helps prevent chemical damage, contamination, and deterioration. This first step of sealing is essential for protecting your tiles from stains.

Bluestone Stripping

Tile and Stone Cleaners® provide a comprehensive stripping service to restore the original appearance of your bluestone floor. Our skilled technicians use specialized equipment and techniques to thoroughly remove old sealant and residue, leaving your tiles looking like new. Our services extend to hard surface flooring and wall tiles, so no matter the location, we can strip and reseal for you.

Efflorescence Treatment

Efflorescence is the appearance of salt buildup on the surface of tiles and grout. The technicians at Tile and Stone Cleaners® have the necessary tools and expertise to effectively remove efflorescence, including various equipment and chemical solutions. They are equipped to safely and thoroughly eliminate efflorescence both indoors and outdoors.

Grout Colour Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® technicians have the ability to restore the color of grout that has been badly stained or to change the color of stained or existing grout. Our Grout Color Sealing service is specifically designed to revive your stained grout and make it look like new again!

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