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Concrete Cleaning

Concrete, once only seen as a utilitarian flooring choice for warehouses and industrial spaces, has now become a popular, polished material that is attractive, versatile, and sustainable. When treated properly, concrete surfaces can offer a beautiful floor that is durable, resistant to stains, and easy to maintain.

Cleaning Concrete Surfaces

At Tile and Stone Cleaners®, we utilize specialized industrial tools and powerful cleaning products to effectively clean your concrete surfaces. Our van-mounted, high-pressure cleaning equipment and specially developed cleaning solutions allow us to restore your concrete to the highest standards. We recognize the significance of caring for your concrete surfaces and believe that proper cleaning and restoration is essential for maintaining the shine of polished concrete. When treated properly, polished concrete can offer a beautiful, durable floor that is resistant to stains and easy to maintain.

Commercial Services

Tile and Stone Cleaners® offer comprehensive concrete sealing, cleaning, and restoration services for both commercial and residential properties. Our technicians are experts in their field and are known for their professionalism and experience, ensuring that our clients are always satisfied with the condition of their polished and regular concrete floors. Our client base ranges from small homes to large shopping centers and includes schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, bars, medical centers, offices, and various other businesses that rely on our expertise for their sealing, cleaning, and restoration needs.

Sealing Concrete

Polished concrete is porous and requires a sealer to maintain its appearance and protect against staining and other damage caused by everyday spills and wear and tear. Whether your concrete is sealed or not, Tile and Stone Cleaners® can help. Our team of tile cleaning and restoration professionals will achieve the best possible results for your concrete surfaces. Sealed concrete is easier to maintain and resists staining. To prevent stains on your concrete, it is recommended to treat it with a deep-penetrating, impregnating sealer.

To prevent stains on your concrete, it is advisable to apply a deep-penetrating, impregnating sealer. This type of sealer penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete, creating a protective barrier that helps repel stains and other contaminants on the surface. This not only makes it easier to maintain the appearance of your concrete, but it also helps extend its lifespan by protecting it against damage. Additionally, a sealer can enhance the natural colors and patterns of your concrete, making it more attractive and visually appealing. It is important to choose a high-quality sealer that is specifically designed for use on concrete, and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application to ensure the best possible results.

Tile and Stone Cleaners® provide comprehensive concrete cleaning and sealing services for both commercial and residential properties. There are two main types of sealers that can be used on concrete surfaces: deep-penetrating impregnating sealers and topical sealers. Deep-penetrating impregnating sealers come in transparent or color-enhancing finishes, while topical sealers come in gloss, satin, or matte finishes.

A deep-penetrating impregnating sealer uses nano-technology to create a breathable, protective barrier on the surface of concrete that prevents it from absorbing water and oil-based stains. This type of sealer makes it easier to clean and maintain the concrete, as it prevents the surface from being damaged by stains. A transparent impregnating sealer preserves the natural look of the concrete, while a color-enhancing sealer enhances and enriches its appearance. Both types of impregnating sealers are applied by reacting chemically with the pores of the concrete surface.

Both types of impregnating sealers are applied by reacting chemically with the pores of the concrete surface. The sealer is absorbed into the pores, creating a protective barrier that helps prevent stains and other contaminants from being absorbed into the surface. This not only helps preserve the appearance of the concrete, but it also extends its lifespan by protecting it against damage. Impregnating sealers are a good choice for concrete surfaces that are subjected to heavy foot traffic or are prone to staining, as they provide long-lasting protection. It is important to choose a high-quality sealer and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application to ensure the best possible results.

Tile and Stone Cleaners® are skilled in applying all types of sealer and can help your concrete look its best. Our experienced technicians can apply a topical sealer to create a high gloss, satin sheen, or matte finish on your surfaces, as needed. Topical sealer is also useful in situations where an old solvent-based sealer cannot be fully removed or when it is necessary to hide certain types of damage. On average, topical sealers have a lifespan of around 3 years.

To determine the porosity of your concrete, you can perform a simple test by applying a drop of water to the surface and observing how it is absorbed. This will give you an idea of how easily water-based stains can be absorbed by the concrete. It is important to apply a sealer to polished concrete floors after installation to create a final layer of protection that will extend the life of the floor and preserve its appearance. Sealing can also enhance the natural colors and patterns of the concrete, making it more attractive and visually appealing.

Stripping & Sealing Concrete Surfaces

In most cases, we can remove your existing floor finish and address any staining and marks that have occurred due to an ineffective floor seal using chemical methods. Once our technicians have achieved the best possible results, typically by returning the concrete to its original state, we allow adequate drying time before applying 2-4 coats of our specialized concrete floor tile seal


Tile and Stone Cleaners Concrete Services

Concrete Stripping and Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® can strip, clean, and reseal your concrete tiles no matter where they are located, whether it be in the kitchen, shower, bathroom, around the pool, outdoors, or in hard-to-reach indoor areas.

Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

If your concrete surfaces have lost their shine and are not displaying their true color, or if you have recently installed concrete or your previous sealer is wearing off, Tile and Stone Cleaners® Cleaning and Sealing is the best choice to clean your tiles effectively and protect them against future staining and deterioration. Our team of professionals will ensure that your tiles are restored to their original beauty and protected against future wear and tear.

Concrete Tile and Grout Cleaning

To clean tiles and grout effectively, we use a combination of specialized industrial equipment and heavy-duty cleaning products. Our specially developed cleaning solutions and high-pressure van-mounted cleaning equipment allow us to achieve the highest level of cleanliness on your tiles and grout.

Concrete Tile Sealing

It is recommended to seal all porous tiles to prevent or reduce staining. Sealing your tiles creates a barrier that keeps most stains on the surface, protecting against chemical damage, deterioration, and contamination. Sealing is an essential step in protecting your surfaces against stains and other types of damage.

Concrete Stripping

We offer a service to strip, scrub, and clean old sealant and its residue from your floor, restoring its original appearance. Our technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and have the skills and experience to provide a comprehensive surface stripping service for your concrete tiles. We can also strip and reseal any hard surface flooring and wall tiles.

Concrete Grinding

Grinding smooths out imperfections and creates a new layer on which a high-quality honed or polished finish can be applied. This process removes deep scratches, stains, and other contaminants from concrete, resulting in a very smooth and even surface. Grinding can also remove lippage, which refers to uneven tiles that may occur after installation.

Concrete Honing

Honed concrete surfaces have a satin-like, smooth, and velvety feel that is often more suitable for casual, comfortable environments than polished surfaces. Honing your floors is a great way to virtually eliminate maintenance requirements while still enjoying the beauty of natural stone surfaces in your home or business.

Concrete Polishing

Polishing is the process of using very fine abrasive diamond discs to create a reflective finish. The final grades of these discs reduce scratches that are not visible to the naked eye, allowing the natural crystals on the surface to reflect light more effectively. Highly polished floors have smaller pores that collect less soil, dirt, and grime, making maintenance easier.

Efflorescence Treatment

Efflorescence is the formation of salt deposits on or near the surface of tiles and grout. Tile and Stone Cleaners® technicians have a range of equipment and chemicals for safely and effectively removing efflorescence deposits, both internally and externally. We also have the necessary treatments, agitation tools, and solutions to effectively remove these deposits.

Minor Tile Repair

If you have cracks, chips, loose, or discolored tiles on your walls, floors, stairs, or around your pool, Tile and Stone Cleaners® can help. Our team of professional and experienced tilers can assist with repairing indoor and outdoor tiles and replacing any broken or damaged tiles. We can also help if you have spare tiles left over from installation.

Grout Colour Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® technicians can transform the appearance of your grout by re-coloring badly stained grout or changing the color of existing grout. Our Grout Color Sealing service is specially designed to rejuvenate dirty, old grout and restore it to a brand new appearance. With our expertise and specialized products, we can make your grout look like new again.