Tile & Stone Cleaners

High Pressure Floor Cleaning

Why Choose Us?

  • A cost-effective solution
  • Can be done on wall tiles.
  • You can choose between high pressure and soft washing options.
  • Suitable for cleaning various walls and floors.
  • Water recovery available.
  • A team of experienced professionals that can complete any job within the stipulated timeframe. 

High-pressure washing has become a recommended way to rid concrete patios, pathways, and driveways of grime and grunge. With a high-pressure washing machine, you can quickly eliminate oil stains, slippery moss, and algae. The chances of someone slipping on muck or slick dirt will also be reduced. 

We offer a wide range of high-pressure water cleaning services, including brick cleaning, concrete cleaning, pavers cleaning, brick restoration, concrete washing, timber cleaning, exterior tile cleaning, and sandstone cleaning. 

We usually combine high-pressure water and eco-friendly chemicals when rendering our floor cleaning services. That is because using only water for cleaning hard surfaces has proven to be inadequate. It is best to include chemicals, as that will reduce the pressure required to clean hard surfaces. The use of high-pressure or excessive water can damage specific substrates. Our expert cleaners at Tile and Stone Cleaners employ biodegradable chemicals where necessary. 

High-pressure cleaning is effective because it helps remove mildew, mold, and algae, destroying them as far as their roots. Your surface can remain clean for extended periods with such cleaning methods. However, using a high-pressure washer to blast the only top layer of the items listed above is not enough because they will grow back again. 

However, you need to understand that all surfaces cannot be subjected to that kind of treatment. Understanding what the material is made of and how it deteriorates will play a key role in how you should address it. You must endeavor to hire the right professionals for such jobs. It is best to get someone familiar with stains, their characteristics and how to deal with them. 

Our cleaning technicians implement 3 cleaning stages to ensure the complete restoration of hard surfaces:

  • First Step – We apply a biodegradable chemical to help weaken the bond holding your hard surface and the moss, mildew, and mold. 
  • Second Step – This stage is all about agitation in the solution. We undertake the manual scrubbing of your hard surface to break the bond on the surface. 
  • Third Step – This stage is for applying high pressure to your hard surface. That way, every dirt on the surface will have been attended to. 

Oil and Grease Removal

Oil and grease are difficult to get rid of when they have stayed for too long on a surface. Suppose concrete, paver, or tile surfaces are affected by grease is not cleaned immediately. In that case, that could leave the surface with a permanent stain. It is easy to remove stains with various chemicals, some of which can be very harmful. That is why we use only eco-friendly solutions for cleaning surfaces of all kinds. 

For your hard surface to be adequately cleaned, you must use the highest quality detergents and cleaning equipment. We offer high-pressure cleaning services that can get rid of mildew, moss, grease, dirt, and other harmful substances on the hard surface.