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Marble Tile Cleaning

Tile and Stone Cleaners® is Australia’s premier provider of tile care services, specializing in maintaining marble and various other natural and man-made surfaces throughout the country. If your floors show signs of wear, such as fading, scratches, or damage from the elements, it may be time to restore their natural beauty. Caring for natural stone is necessary, and we have expertise in marble and understand its unique properties, providing specialized care for your surfaces. Our passion for our work and commitment to educating customers on proper maintenance is evident in every job we do.

What is Marble?

Marble is a type of non-foliated metamorphic rock, which means that it does not have any visible layers and has undergone a transformation due to heat, pressure, and time. It is known for its high level of polish, giving it a smooth, shiny surface. Additionally, marble has a slight translucent quality that allows light to penetrate the surface, creating a glowing effect. The natural colors of the stone are also enhanced when it is polished. However, marble is a natural material and is related to limestone. It requires special care because of its high value and because it is prone to scratching and staining. Marble is porous, meaning it will absorb liquids and oils, leaving stains on the surface that can be difficult to remove. Additionally, acidic substances such as fruit juice, sauces, and cleaning products can cause etching on the stone. Therefore, it is important to be careful when handling and cleaning marble to avoid any damage.

Cleaning Marble Tiles

While it may be possible to clean commercial marble surfaces with standard cleaning products, it can be difficult to maintain the marble’s pristine condition without the use of professional marble polishing and restoring equipment. Marble and natural stone restoration is a delicate task that requires skill and expertise, as improper handling can easily damage the stone.

Our goal is to provide exceptional workmanship and unparalleled customer service in our industry. Unlike other companies that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, we customize our services to address specific issues with your stone.

Marble is a beautiful material that can enhance the aesthetic of any home or office, but it is also relatively soft and can easily scratch in high-traffic areas. A regular maintenance plan is essential in order to maintain the marble’s original factory finish. Special care must be taken when cleaning marble in order to avoid damage.

Sealing Marble Floors

By sealing your marble, you can prevent most stains from penetrating the surface, creating a protective barrier against chemical damage, deterioration, and contamination. A high-quality sealer is specifically formulated to penetrate dense materials such as marble, granite, and porcelain, providing added protection against water and oil-based stains while preserving the tile’s appearance and making maintenance easier.

Two main sealing options exist for granite tiles

  • Deep Penetrating Impregnating Sealer

(Transparent Finish/Colour Enhancing Finish)

  • Topical Sealer

(Gloss/Satin/Matte Finish)

An impregnating sealer is a deep-penetrating product that uses nano-technology to chemically react with the surface pores of marble and grout, creating a breathable barrier that protects against water and oil-based stains. This type of sealer not only prevents stains from absorbing into the marble surface and grout, but it also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Tile and Stone Cleaners’ technicians are experts in applying all types of sealers, ensuring that your marble looks its best. Additionally, Tile and Stone Cleaners can also apply a topical sealer when necessary to create a high gloss, satin sheen, or matte finish. Topical sealers are also useful in situations where old solvent-based sealers cannot be completely removed or when hiding certain types of damage. The lifespan of topical sealers is around 3 years. To determine how porous your natural marble is, you can test it by applying a drop of water to the surface and observing how it is absorbed. This will give you an idea of how easily water-based stains can be absorbed by the marble tile surface and grout.

Marble Restoration

Over time, marble floors can become scratched and stained, but our team is equipped with the latest equipment and techniques to restore even the most worn and damaged marble surfaces. We are able to remove most scratches and stains, bringing your marble floors back to their original beauty. With our expertise and modern equipment, restoring your marble floors is now more affordable than ever. Let our experts repair the damage for you.

We offer comprehensive marble restoration and cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties. We specialize in cleaning, sealing, and restoring marble tile surfaces, using state-of-the-art equipment and unique cleaning methods to tackle even the most challenging floors. Our process is wet, minimizing dust creation. Our equipment is capable of handling both domestic and commercial jobs, leaving your floors spotless and hygienic. We are committed to providing timely, flawless, and hassle-free marble cleaning services to all of our clients, earning a reputation for quality in the cleaning industry.


Regular Maintenance of Marble floors

Marble is known for its beauty and is often used in homes and offices as a surface material. However, being a relatively soft stone, it can easily become scratched in high-traffic areas. To maintain its original factory finish, regular maintenance is necessary.

When cleaning marble, special care should be taken to avoid damage. Using a premium impregnating sealer can provide protection for up to 15 years by curing deep inside the pores of the marble, creating an invisible barrier that will make maintenance much easier. Marble that is unsealed or weakly sealed is more prone to absorbing oils, spills, and stains. To check if your marble is sealed, you can place a few drops of water on the surface. If the water is absorbed into the marble, then it’s time to reseal the stone. To prevent accidents from permanently staining your marble, sealing is an important first step in protecting your valuable surfaces.

In case of spills, they should be cleaned immediately. It is recommended to use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the marble floors and avoid using vinegar as the acid in it can damage and etch the surface of the marble. After mopping, dry the floor with a cotton towel or use a sh-mop to remove the moisture and prevent water spots. Always dry your marble floors as they spot easily.

Marble Stripping and Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® offers a comprehensive marble tile cleaning service, including stripping, cleaning, and resealing. We can service any marble tile surface, no matter where it is located – whether it’s in the kitchen, shower, bathroom, around the swimming pool, in the backyard, outdoors or in any hard-to-reach indoor areas. We will clean and reseal your marble tiles to keep them looking their best.

Marble Cleaning and Sealing

If your marble surfaces have lost their shine and are no longer showing their true color, or if you have recently installed marble or if your previous sealer is wearing off, Tile and Stone Cleaners® Cleaning and Sealing is the perfect solution for cleaning your tiles effectively and efficiently and protecting them against future staining and deterioration. Our team will make sure your marble surfaces are cleaned and sealed properly to restore their beauty and ensure long-lasting protection.

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Marble Tile and Grout Cleaning

Efficiently cleaning tile and grout requires a combination of specialized industrial equipment and powerful cleaning products. Our team utilizes specially formulated cleaning solutions and high-pressure, van-mounted cleaning equipment to clean your tiles and grout to the highest standards possible. This method ensures that dirt and grime are effectively removed leaving your tile and grout looking like new.

Marble Tile Sealing

Sealing is an important step in protecting porous tiles, such as marble, from staining. By sealing the tile surface, it creates a barrier that keeps most stains suspended at the surface level, preventing or reducing staining. Additionally, sealing helps protect against chemical damage, deterioration, and contamination. To ensure the best protection against stains, it is crucial to seal all porous tiles.

Marble Stripping

Our technicians are skilled and experienced in providing an extensive floor stripping service for marble tiles, which includes the removal of old sealant and its residue, restoring the original appearance of the floor. We have all necessary equipment and expertise to strip and reseal any hard surface flooring, including wall tiles. Our process involves stripping, scrubbing, and cleaning to ensure the best possible outcome for your flooring.

Marble Grinding

Grinding is a process that smooths out imperfections in marble surfaces and creates a new layer on which a high-quality honed or polished finish can be achieved. By grinding, deep scratches, stains, and other contaminants are removed from the marble, resulting in a smooth and even surface. It also removes lippage, which is the unevenness that can occur in tiles after installation. Grinding is an effective way to improve the overall appearance and smoothness of marble surfaces.

Marble Honing

Honing is a process that gives marble surfaces a more satin-like finish, making them smooth and velvety to the touch. Honed marble is often more suitable for casual and comfortable environments than polished marble, which is more formal. Honing your marble floors is an excellent way to reduce maintenance requirements and still enjoy the beauty of stone surfaces in your home or business.

Marble Polishing

Polishing is a process that uses fine-grade diamond abrasive discs to create a reflective finish on marble surfaces. The final grades of the abrasives used minimize scratches that are not visible to the naked eye, allowing the natural crystals on the surface to reflect light more effectively. Marble surfaces that are highly polished have smaller pores, which reduces the amount of soil, dirt, and grime that can collect on the surface. This makes maintenance much easier.

Efflorescence Treatment

Efflorescence is the buildup of salt deposits on or near the surface of tile and grout. Our Tile and Stone Cleaners® technicians have specialized equipment and tools for effectively removing efflorescence, as well as the necessary treatments and chemical solutions to safely and efficiently remove internal and external efflorescence deposits.

Minor Tile Repair

Are you dealing with cracked, chipped, loose, or discolored tiles in your walls, floors, stairs, or around the swimming pool? Do you have spare tiles left over from installation? Our team at Tile and Stone Cleaners® includes professional and experienced tilers who can assist you with repairing and replacing broken or damaged tiles both indoors and outdoors. Contact us today to discuss your tile repair needs.

Grout Colour Sealing

Tile and Stone Cleaners® technicians have the ability to change the color of stained or discolored grout. Our Grout Color Sealing service is designed to revitalize dirty and old grout, giving it a brand new appearance. Contact us today to schedule your grout color sealing service.