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Natural stones like marble, limestone, travertine and granite are permeable in nature, and most homeowners aren’t aware of this. When natural stone floors are being utilised in construction but are left open, they will eventually absorb oil, grime and liquid spills like a sponge.

Therefore, proper maintenance of your natural stone floors, surfaces and walls will create an invisible blockade. This will minimise penetration of spills and help safeguard your hard-earned investment from long-term damage.

Tile and Stone Cleaners gives you a wide array of package services for the overall maintenance of your natural stone assets. We use nothing less than the most avant-garde sealers available on the market.

Our Stone Cleaning Services

As homeowners ourselves, we fully understand how your home could be your greatest investment. We all take pride in how clean and pleasant our homes are.

The quality and maintenance of your home surfaces bring more value to your investment. That’s why, if you want your home to last, protecting its surfaces from potential wear and tear of daily use must be a top priority.

At Tile and Stone Cleaners, we live up to your expectations by making sure your stone cleaning priorities are met right away. We properly provide a feasible outline that shows all of our tasks in cleaning your stone floor. We guarantee to come up with a customised plan that caters to your specific cleaning needs.

From bathroom tile cleaning, grout cleaning to overall surface cleaning, we make sure to satisfy your preferences and requests. We always do our best to extend the life and protect the exterior and interior areas of your home.

Why Choose Tile and Stone Cleaners

We’ve been in the cleaning and sealing industry for several years now, and we fully understand our clients’ needs when it comes to grout, tile and surface cleaning. At Tile and Stone Cleaners, your tile and grout maintenance needs are always on top of our priorities.

Since the very first day we started our services, we have gained an amazing reputation for delivering high-quality gout, tile and surface cleaning services in Australia. We remain resolute in getting consistent outcomes for our clients. That’s why we’ve been one of the most customer-favourite tile and grout cleaning services in Sydney.

We Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to superior-quality services, our 100% customer guarantee should tell you how positive and confident we are toward our clients. We always ensure your home’s surfaces are protected and well-maintained.

We Let You Witness the Big Difference—Before and After

Our protective and cleaning solutions help minimise the cleaning task by up to 90%. No need to worry about harmful chemical cleaners being used; we use environment-friendly products.

We Help Extend Your Home’s Lifespan

With our complete list of cleaning services, we surely help extend the lifespan of your home’s tile, grout and surfaces. These will help you lessen your cleaning effort and time, too! So, you’ll have time to enjoy the things you want to do.


Check out some of our frequently asked questions about natural stone cleaning services.

What Do You Clean Stone Tiles With?
When you clean your home flooring, there are two effective methods—using a dry microfibre mop and a spray bottle with a floor cleaner. Gently spray the cleaner and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes – this helps the solution to snap up any dirt. Mop the floor afterwards. Doing this method reduces the amount of grubby liquid that may get into the stone floor holes or in the grout lines.
Most of stone flooring has crevices and dips—unless they are honed—where dirt can accumulate. If you left it untreated, mopping won’t even do the trick anymore. This mostly is applicable if you are cleaning your stone tile floors because debris gets trapped in the grout lines. You will need a scrubber with a brush that will effectively remove the debris by getting into the crevices.
How Do You Deep Clean a Stone Floor?
These surfaces are highly porous and can be stained easily despite them being sturdy and hard. So, how do you deep clean them? Follow these easy steps.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of embedded dirt particles.
  • Fill a pail with warm water and either mix in a small amount of all-purpose cleaner or soap dish or just the water itself.
  • When the solution gets really mucky or cloudy, change it.
  • Start dipping the microfiber towel into the mixture, squeeze it and attach it to the mop handle. Then start the cleaning process.
  • When you wash the floors of your room, start at the outermost corner and move towards the exit.
  • Allow the floors to dry.
Does Vinegar Damage Stone Tiles?

Using vinegar is absolutely a NO when it comes to cleaning your concrete, ceramic or stone tile floors. The acid will peel off the protective barrier from stone tiles which eventually makes them look dull. It will also leave the surface susceptible to pitting and etching.

Can You Steam Clean a Stone Floor?

Steam cleaning is great for cleaning natural stones since steam is being blown via a nozzle, and it passes through the tiniest crevices and pores of the stone to remove debris, stain and dirt. Moreover, the steam coming from a commercial-grade steam cleaner is formed by heating water. This goes to an extent where it is capable of not just merely cleaning but also disinfecting your home’s surfaces.

Tile and Stone Cleaners offers stone cleaning services that ensure client satisfaction. We make sure to always give our services with efficiency, promptness and a warm greeting. For your stone cleaning services, contact us!