Tile & Stone Cleaners

Stripping and Sealing Tiles

Stripping has remained a crucial aspect of sealing specific tiles. Without stripping, you cannot apply certain sealers. We offer a collection of floor stripping services for our customers. 

We have all the equipment and skills to strip and reseal your floor effectively if you use porcelain and stone floors. At Tile and Stone Cleaners, we provide stripping services for clients regularly or occasionally, depending on what the customer’s preference. 

Floor Stripping Details

Stripping can be disruptive and messy. We first apply a stripper to the floor’s surface then, that floor section is scrubbed and stripped completely to its best possible condition, then the broken solution is removed from the floor and the process is repeated until the sealer is removed.

Based on the technicians expertise and recommendations a sealer of choice should be applied to the surface of the tile and stone to protect the aesthetics and cosmetic look of the tile and stone. 

The sealer applied by Tile and Stone Cleaners will continue to aid in the protection and maintenance of the Tile and Stone that has been treated.