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How to clean grout?

While using natural stones and tiles is becoming a more suitable choice for homeowners and offices, there have been several problems with tile cleaning. First, most tile and grout cleaning solutions only appear effective when the tile surface is new. However, as time develops, you discover that such solutions are not as effective as they seem.

The efficacy of any cleaning solution can only be genuinely ascertained when soils and dirt begin to collect on the tile surface, and grout becomes old and black. As such, a popular search query on the internet is – how to clean grout.


How do professionals clean grout?

The conventional method of cleaning tiles has proven to be largely ineffective. Using a mop to clean tiles is as good as having your tiles cleaned haphazardly. It does not rid the tiles of all the dirt. For instance, if you run your finger along the grout line, you will most likely feel some grease on your fingers.

The reason for that is not far-fetched. The constant use of mops or conventional cleaning methods doesn’t remove the dirt as expected. Such practices only displace the dirt and reposition them elsewhere along the grout line. Sadly, this can also contribute to shortening your tile’s lifespan. Because if a particular tile becomes unappealing due to old age and you cannot find a solution that can make it look new again, the only option will be to replace it. Consequently, people are keenly searching online for easier and more effective ways of cleaning grout.


Professional tiles and grout cleaning services

Have you experimented with several DIY tile cleaning solutions and techniques without any positive results? Then worry no more because we offer professional tiles and grout cleaning services. Our solutions are practically effective for all floors and wall tiles. We employ some of the most recent innovations and technologies to undertake our cleaning responsibilities. In addition, our equipment provides us with the easiest way to clean grout

Our expert cleaners combine water pressure, heat, and detergents while vacuuming the surface thoroughly to ensure no dirt escapes. Such pressure-based cleaning routines help to ensure that the tile and grout are adequately cleaned. It will be almost impossible for an individual or any other outfit to clean your tile and grout the way we do because the formulations we use are not common in the market. 

That brings us back to the question – how do professionals clean grout? There are two standard procedures when cleaning grout. The first stage ensures the tile’s surface gets a good cleaning. Next, we treat the surface with the appropriate chemicals after the cleaning to prevent contaminants from collecting on the surface. The last thing is to seal the grout lines. For that, you can use color sealing or clear sealing. 


How Grout Impacts Your Tiles

Although this is mostly ignored and downplayed by most homeowners and offices, the beauty of every tile is directly proportional to the grout’s looks. Grouts can absorb limescale, dirt, and grease because they are porous. Grouts for wall tiles can be highly unattractive when they are affected by limescale, mildew, and mold in humid regions. 

Mold is an ugly sight to behold. It usually originates from the coldest parts of the room, and when it is not addressed immediately, it progresses to other regions. For instance, significant grout discolorations are typical in bathroom areas where acid-formulated soaps and shampoos are constantly used. This is where the use of seals becomes non-negotiable. The sealer helps to offer an unseen barrier that separates the surface from the grout, letting your investment last the test of time. 

If you are using Terracotta for your flooring, you should have it sealed every 2 or 3 years, so it doesn’t lose its beauty. Doing that also helps protect the tiles from the effects of wear and tear. Mexican Terracotta is more demanding because it is highly porous and harder to clean. We specialize in helping our clients protect their investments in flooring by offering the highest standards of tiles cleaning services.

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The Problem with Tiles

Tiles that look beautiful today may not be so enticing a few years later. That is because the scratches and dullness created from daily contact create an environment for bacteria, dirt, and oil. And in no distant time, the tile surface degenerates to the point where regular mopping cannot do any meaningful cleaning. 

The most recent ceramic tiles have rendered mops less effective because of the nature of their surfaces, and the grouts connecting the tiles are designed to capture more dirt with increased texture. 

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The Challenge with Grouts

Grout also has its challenges that you need to be aware of. For example, lime-based grouts have a high affinity for sugars, oils, and moisture, making it a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria, and other items that can make the grout appear darker and unappealing. 

The use of chemicals to dilute the grime within grouts is a distinct possibility. However, more importantly is how the debris is removed from the grout. Tile and grout are commonly found in public places like leisure areas, restrooms, restaurants, and others. Therefore, they must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent such surfaces from becoming a hatching ground for disease pathogens. 

The traditional method for cleaning tiles and grouts has been to use intensive scrubbing with detergents and nail brushes. Alternatively, the tiles could be removed and replaced with new pieces. 

Although you can get results with the above options, the drawbacks make them unacceptable. Some of the shortcomings of trying to implement traditional methods include being too expensive and could lead to the stalling of a business. 


Securing expert tiles and grout cleaning services comes with a price. Unfortunately, many cleaning agencies are not up to it. As an expert tile grout sealer, we employ environmentally-friendly solutions with high-pressure equipment to clean your tiles and grouts and ensure they last as long as possible.