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Sydney's Premiere Tile Removal Service

Tile removal has been one of the most serious concerns that many homeowners and business owners in Sydney have to deal with. Typically, the need to remove the tile floor or tile stripping arises by the time you see that the floor needs to be repaired.

In some cases, the procedure is also resorted to as part of the proposed improvement plans to boost the property’s value. But regardless of the motives, it is best to have the tile removal procedures handled by professionals. This makes hiring contractors who specialise in tile stripping in Sydney and other floor improvement procedures a must.

Our Tile Removal and Stripping Service

Tile and Stone Cleaners is a trusted name when it comes to tile removal and tile stripping in Sydney. Our team specialises both in commercial and domestic strip-outs. To handle our day-to-day business, we employ a team of experienced and highly-trained personnel.

Tile and Stone Cleaners is proficient in handling all types of tile stripping jobs. For years, we have been working with hundreds of clients in Sydney, and our clients have nothing but good things to say about our services.

We value efficiency and safety. At Tile and Stone Cleaners, we make sure that our personnel are insured and equipped with the needed personal protective equipment when working. Also, they are dispatched to handle the projects using state-of-the-art tools made by the industry’s trusted brands.

Services We Offer

Tile and Stone Cleaners continues to cater to the tile removal needs of Sydney residents. We are currently handling various projects for our old and new clients. Presently, we are involved in offering the following services.

Dust-Free Tile Removal

Tile and Stone Cleaners specialises in dust-free tile removal. Typically, our team will be dispatched to your property to remove the tile and grind the concrete slab using a dust-free grinder. The procedure is done to prepare the concrete slab in accommodating fresh concrete to reinstall a new flooring system. In doing this job, our team uses modern dust extractors that are connected directly to the concrete grinders. Our demolition hammers are also connected to a dust extraction system to provide our clients with dust-free environments and outputs.

Slate Tile Removal

Slate tile removal is among the most in-demand services that our company provides. When hired to handle this job, we use our concrete grinders to remove the slate tiles, glue and cement residues. The process leaves the concrete slab fresh and ready to accommodate a new flooring system.

Carpet Tile Removal

We offer carpet tile removal service by having our team remove the old flooring carpet tiles from their current location. Our personnel will proceed with the floor cleaning process which involves scraping and removing the dual-bond glue used on the old carpet. The surface will also be vacuumed to remove the remaining residues and allow for a seamless installation of the new flooring system.

Aside from these services, we also specialise in removing the following.

Why Choose Tile and Stone Cleaners

Tile and Stone Cleaners is your best option when it comes to tile removal in Sydney. For years, we have been on top of competitors and remain a leader in the industry for the following reasons.


We have been employing very professional team members when dealing with clients since day one. We are also committed to providing the best results that exceed clients’ expectations and make them feel that hiring our services is among their best decisions.


Reliability is one of our greatest strengths. Our personnel are committed to providing clients with the services they deserve and delivering the expected outputs. We also make sure that all our projects are accomplished on time and without delays.


Tile and Stone Cleaners has been in the tile removal industry for years. We have worked with hundreds of clients and handled almost all types of tile removal jobs. Our experience has taught us how to accomplish every project with the best results. We are always committed to utilising all our learnings to provide those who hire us the outcome they deserve.


How much does it cost to rip out tile?

Tile removal is best accomplished by experienced, trained and licensed removalists. They are usually paid on an hourly basis. The hourly rate depends on the tasks included in the contract. However, the rate for this job ranges from $45 to $150 per hour.

How to remove the tile floor?

Removing a floor tile typically involves removing the tile from the surface using a hammer, grinder or any tool that could help you remove the old tile. This job requires knowing the safest tile removal procedures to avoid work-related risks.

Is it hard to remove old tiles?

Removing old floor tiles is not easy as it seems. The process uses power tools, such as concrete grinders and demolition hammers. The people in charge of doing the job are also required to wear PPE to ensure their safety and know the technical know-how of the task to accomplish it excellently.

What is the best way to remove tile from a concrete floor?

The best way to remove a tile from a concrete floor is by using the latest power tools designed for the job. In most cases, this is done using a demolition hammer and electric grinder.

How to remove grout from tile?

Removing grout from tile is best done using an electric grinder. The grout used usually hardens when applied and must be broken into pieces to effectively remove it from the surface.